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Photo by Jan E.


At the age of five years old, I made my stage debut in my first ballet recital. At thirteen, I was cast in my first musical, "The Wizard of Oz". In college, I discovered the world of ballroom dance and train with former ballroom dance champions at their studio in Northern Idaho.

In the fall of 2019, I accepted the role of Assistant Stage Manager in the crew of a local theatre production. Among the cast members was a 20 year veteran of audiobook narration and voice-over projects who became my acting coach and friend.


To my delight, doors of opportunity continue to open.

In 2022, I joined an awesome acting class/community, the Actor's Dojo. Later that same year, I signed with MAM, a Pacific Northwest Talent Agency. My first on-camera job was an industrial film for a major multi-national food company filmed in Spokane, WA!



As my thirties approached, I got the innate sense my life was about to take a turn for the even better ... and that's exactly what happened. In March 2020, I suddenly had an abundance of free time and little to no idea how to fill it. Me and the rest of the world. Now what?


To my amazement, the absence of former obligations allowed me to re-prioritize and organize my various artistic projects in one place: AutumnColors Productions. A new perspective. A home for my creative interests and outlets as I build my artistic career.

Looking back, the sudden loss of my former "normal" life in 2020 helped me see and finally pursue what makes me genuinely happy: to grow my businesses, improve my dancing/acting/singing skills, get plenty of sleep, eat healthy food, consciously choose to spend my time with positive people, and enjoy each fun project to the hilt!


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